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PTU is the Power Transistor Unit, what some manufacturers call the "igniter". It is mostly 3 larger transistors that drive the coils, and some circuitry for the tach.
The "Condenser" is, as you said, the suppressor attached to the coil pack.
Everything that mothsmoths said is dead on for a stock system but may, or may not, be true with your aftermarket system.
(The stock system does not prime the pump and only turns it on when cranking. Some aftermarket systems turn the pump on with the key "on" (reds).)
Can you tell us more about that? (brand and model)
He is 100% correct though that your test lamp (globe) can only tell you so much. It's indicating that there is current flowing, but not how much.
You could replace the lamp with an ammeter but most multi-meters can't handle the 10-15 amps this circuit draws and could be damaged in the attempt.
(Besides, I really couldn't tell you what a good coil draws vs a bad one even if you did have a number.. :unsure: )
What he's suggesting is to pick up a package of fuses and use them to gauge whether the draw is too much or not..

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