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Electrical guru's....wiring question

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I need to find a "switched wire" meaning one that has a constant 12v of power when the ignition is on. I have looked at the wires under the steering column but don't have any idea which wires belong to what. I am looking to hardwire a valentine one into my electrical system and the supplied hardwireing kit supplys a connecter that will, when attached to a "swicthed wire", draw power from it to the Valentine One. Can anyone help me out here? Where should I be looking, and what for? Do swicthed wires have any special location or color? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Probably the easiest way you can do it is to run a wire off the ciggarette lighter or the accessory 12 power supple (the other ciggarette lighter hole). They're both 12v switched in our car I believe. I tried running a 12v flashlight off one the other day adn i had to turn the key to the on position for it to work, so i'm pretty sure that would be your best way to go, that way you don't have to dive too far under the dash or your steering coulmn.
Good luck and send us some pictures when it's done.

93 3000GT VR-4
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Thanks Mike,
I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before! One question though how would I go about finding the wiring that powers the cig lighter and / or the other 12v accessory port? Correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't it be run back behind the stereo head unit? Anyone know for sure? I'm going to go take a look right now...
Thanks again Mike

--P.S.-- pics are on the way!
Yeah it might run up through the back of the dash, you can just pop out the little plastic insert that all the switches mount to and try to follow it back. Another thing that slipped my mind is that you could use the 12v switched supply that the stereo uses as well.
Any thoughts on that as a power source anyone? It won't interfere with the radio at all will it? I mean create any extra noise? Would the switched wire going into the sterio have any bearing on the audio quality?
Good luck steve...
93 3000GT VR-4

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I would use the cig lighter.Ill bet you get at it under the ashtray?do you think?pull the ash tray out and look.....good luck...Mark
Found the cigarette 12v wire under the ash tray but was unable to trace it back to under the steering column. I really need to install the v1's hardwire kit off the wire under the steering column.

Anyway, I was playing around with some wires and I found the power source to the automatic climate control. What do you guys thing about this as a power source for the valentine one hardwire kit. The only question that I have is if that wire is "switched"? I believe that it is but not sure. What would happen if I turned the automatic climate control off? That wire still has power, right? Also, would installing the hardwire kit off the automatic climate control power wire cause problems with the auto climate control? Would there be enough power for both? I would imagine the answer would be yes, but can anyone confirm this?

I would much rather install the hardwire kit for the v1 off the cigarette power wire or the accessory power wire but I can't locate them under the steering column.

The location of the automatic climate control power wire is ideal, but I would rather not interfer w/ the automatic climate controle.

phew....I think I'm going to order a service manual on CD...

Thanks for the help!
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Is your fuse box close enough to tap into? If it is, could install a tap off of the fuse of your choice.
The fuse box would be in a perfect location. How would I go about the above mentioned procedure?
You can buy what is called a fuse tap at any auto store. It just hooks under one of the ends on a fuses blade and then gets inserted into the fuse panel with the fuse. You can then put a female end on your wire and plug it on to the tap. When you see what they look like you will know what I mean.
Real easy to use and work real well. I used to use them when hooking up cell phones years ago. They are a gold color and should be at the fuse section. Try Radio Shack or Pep Boys.
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