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Eibach springs for SL/Base... Who needs them?

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I still have the Eibach springs for sale, they were on my SL. I'll take $170. shipping included now. Let me know I had like 20 people email and say they want them and then never email me back... They were on my SL for about 4,500 miles, kit # 2810.140 Let me know. Also I take paypal
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If you haven't sold them yet, I can take them from you but I only have $100. Please let me know if you're [email protected]

I'll post paypal by wednesday I get paid then
That'll be the way, how's the ride in them?? and what's the reason you're selling them??
Have you sold the eibach springs?? What is the lowest you would sell them for?? Please reply...
Bobby ([email protected]
I think I have them sold, but I have not gotten payment yet. So I'll let you know if they are or not....

Tighe, I might know someone in the area that is interested. I'll have to talk to him and ask. He needs to lower his car badly :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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