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today i noticed that the vacuum actuator? that is connected to the
throttle cable (by the throttle body) was disconnected and a piece of
felt like material was trying to get out or in. The piece looked like
it belonged somewhere because it was round and had something tan colored
staining it (fuel?). Does any one know where this is to be connected or
if i should replace it. there is also a loose vacuum hose coming from a
T off of the middle 'notched' hard line atop of the TB. i assume that
the two should be connected but i want to be sure / also i want to make
sure i haven't ruined the black solenoid / actuator / whatever /
thingee! any advise or diagrams from the manual would be very much
send pictures / diagrams if you can i haven't 'secured' a manual yet
Tim Yerkes
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