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Ecu/data logger port

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Does anyone have a wiring diagram for a 94 sohc stealth from the ecu to data logger port?? Went to wire a new one in and clipped all the wires at once without thinking about it. Now it lights up my reader but doesn't show codes so ik some wires are crossed. >.>
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What reader? 94 is not OBDII... A generic OBDII reader is useless on that car.
It's a obd1&2 hybrid with it being a obd1 unit with an OBD2 data logger port
Something like that, same mut request plus a few new stuff but with different initialization (non obd2), but McCoy is right, you wouldn't get a response with regular OBD2, you can use the openPort adapter or use a vag type with FTDI chip, grounding pin 1-4 (on the adapter) and it should work with HHH/Mitsulogger/Evoscan.
You must misunderstand my post. I'm aware I need a specific reader type for my car. Some of the wires were bad and I was going to wire a while new port in.. Well(like a genius)I clipped every wire instead of going one by one (there is 2 of every wire color on the port) and now I need the corresponding diagrams from the pins on the port to match the pins on the ecu before I can even check codes.. 😶
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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