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Selling this car for my father, who is currently retired and has no need for a car like this anymore since he doesn’t drive much. It currently has 81,732 miles and is located in Southern FL.

Some pertinent details:

1. He’s the second owner; purchased in 1999 and he’s owned it since.

2. He had one somewhat major accident back in 2001. The car wasn’t salvaged, and the title remains free and clear, but he did have some rear-end damage that was fixed (he was rear ended). No issues from the accident since. And no other accidents since.

3. The black/tan seats were reupholstered about 10 years agoare in great shape, but could be tightenedas the leather has stretched a bit over the past 10 years being in Florida.

4. Paint is in ok condition - but great for the year. It was repainted back when he had the accident. The car has been mostly covered and never saw a winter; so I think the paint is really good considering it’s nearly 20 years old.

5. Mods include DP-back exhaust (Borla, if I recall correctly) and he did have a manual boost controller on there for a year or so (he wanted more power, but didn’t like it and took it out). Also has a K&N filter. Other than aftermarket rims and sound system, I think the car is untouched.

6. He has done basic maintenance over the years at the mechanic who recently checked the car out (see #7 below). That includes things like oil changes and timing belt replace. He also got a new clutch put in forever ago (10 years or more; but only about ).

7. I had him take the car to a mechanic. There were a few things the mechanic noted that the car could use:
  • Replace front shocks
  • Replace 2 center link bearings
  • Replace front wheel bearings
  • Right headlight is out
  • Air bag light is on
Recently Replaced by that mechanic:
  • Battery
  • Clutch cylinder
  • All 4 tires
As far as price goes, he’ll take the best offer and doesn’t want much. I personally think he would take $10k to the right person. He wants it to go to whoever “will take care of her the way he has over the past 20 years.”

He said he would also cover shipping to wherever you are (he assumes it would run about $1k to send it via covered carrier).

Again, it’s just sitting covered and is driven a couple miles per week. I last drove the car about five years ago and always loved it!!

Let me know if you have any questions. Or send a PM if you want additional pictures, etc.




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