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dual exhaust...need help

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hey guys, i have a n/a 94 stealth and i'm looking into getting dual exhaust. I have been told to try flowmasters but i'm just not sure. I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. I don't really want to spend over 300 dollars. Thanks guys
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I have a 91 SL and was thinking about upgrading my exhaust also. from past experience i know flowmaster is a good name and for under $300, i don't thnk there is much of any other choice!
Thermal R&D makes decent quality exhaust in your budget range. they are also the maker of Magnaflo if your local exhaust shop carries that brand. many style to choose from..they are all stainless steal.

if you get flowmaster you get to choose your own tip. so that's a plus...another thing is that flowmaster is pretty cheap and readily avaliable everywhere.
ok thanks guys, i'll look into both of them
I'm getting a Flowmaster Delta Flow 40 series installed tomorrow morning with Borla tips on my 3000GT base. I will take pics and let you know.
Talk to Tampa95SL (I think thats the right spelling).......Marshall. His exhaust system sounds sweet plus gave him big time power. however said gutting the catylitic converter means a loss in low end torque is WRONG! His car pulls.

Thanks that would be greatly appreciated
nitroucf said:
Talk to Tampa95SL (I think thats the right spelling).......Marshall. His exhaust system sounds sweet plus gave him big time power. however said gutting the catylitic converter means a loss in low end torque is WRONG! His car pulls.
Yes that has been a hugh arguement for a while. They say that the open flowing of the CAT will cut down on your Torque but in some cases it can be false. When you have a tinner pipe ( 2.25 ) going into the CAT ( big and hallow ) and than having that exit out into another tinner pipe ( 2.25 ), it is the Torque you feel when you have all that hallow air in the Gutted Cat trying to squeeze into such small piping compared to the CATS allow body structure. So that is why most of the N/A guys should stick to 2.25 inch piping on there exhust systems.
Check out my web page. I got the Flowmaster 50 series and it sounds like my VR4. If you want it to sound lower go with the 40 series. Cost $350 installed and I supplied my own tips.
i went with flowmaster 50 delta-flow, 40 is gonna be crazy loud in my opinion. i went with 3" mandrel-bent from the cat on back to the muffler and then dual 2.25" into dual 3" tips so it looks near-stock... for a tt. doesn't sound stock tho, it's pretty loud. ran me more than $300 ($150 for the muffler tho), it was the tips that killed me but i like 'em. i'm in the process of getting an atr hi-flow cat and there may be a na downpipe on the market... shortly... but we'll keep that quite for now ;) anyway, i don't believe it hurt my bottom end and my top end did improve... 'course it'll improve even more with the supecharger, my real reason for opening the exhaust up so much, but even naturally aspirated it added some power. well hope this helps, safe travels.

- mike
chansigril: yeah you helped me a lot. Thats exactly what i'm looking for, i want it to look like a stock TT but sound better. So i will be going for the 50 series and some 2.25 tips. Thanks!
hey firestorm,

i wanted to get back to ya quick, just fyi:

1. it's a 3" pipe from the cat to the muffler (the flowmaster deltaflow50, which is still rather loud in my opinion but def quiter than the 40; i'm going to need the flow regardless).

2. coming out of the rear of the muffler are two 2.25" pipes, one to each side, driver and passenger.

3. these 2.25" pipes end in dual tips, so that there are 4 3" fully functional chrome tips. these tips look slightly larger than the stock, so you may have meant to say 2.25" tips but i figured it'd be safer for me to post up.

lemme know if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to drop me an email, safe travels man.

- mike
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hey chansigril, i tried to email you but it didn't work for some reason. So i'll just put it on here. I do have a question about your setup. I wanted to know if i will need anything else for my dual exhaust setup besides the 50 series muffler and tips? And what will the tips run me price wise??? Thats about all, thanks man

ATTN: BluTooth

hey BluTooth , do you have any problems with you new exhaust dragging on anything?
It really doesn't sit any lower than the original equipment that I took off. I can take a side pic if you want.
thanks blutooth, so after i buy the tips and the muffler, will i need to purchase any other pipes for my exhaust setup???
No you won't have to buy any additional parts, the muffler shop has the pipe and the equipment to bend it and the brackets to hang it.
They will charge you for the pipe, brackets and labor.
Here is a link to the side pic. Notice the muffler doesn't hang any lower than the cat.
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