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I don't know why, my wife thinks I'm nuts. I just bought my 92SL (very clean ride) and I keep looking and test driving every 3000GT I find in the paper!...(I guess if I can find a clean VR4 for the right price, I would probably just my new ride to get it...but it would REALLY have to be a good deal) Anyway, it was a 92 VR4, Red (like mine) for $10,000 here in SLC. It only has 57000 miles on it!...but here was the has a SALVAGE title. He bought it as a total wreck and rebuilt it. He did a good job, very tight, everything works (except the active aero front and rear) and the car definately handles well and seems tight. He said the engine and transmission were replaced and that he has about 20000miles since then. Heres the bad part...the paint job sucked. You could see sanding marks, dull areas, "orangepeel" etc. Turned me completely off.
Plus I didn't really like the idea of a rebuilt car. I think I'll keep my SL for now!
Just thought I'd share that story, but if anyone is in Utah looking for a cheap VR4 that is probably mechanically sound...I've got his number. (Its in the BIG NICKEL newspaper).

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Where were you about 8 months ago, I moved from Provo to San Francisco and sold my 91' for $9000 because I couldn't find anyone in happy valley who wanted a sports car.

But it ended well because I got an impecably clean 93' on a sweet deal after I took my new job here.

Sucks the cops out here harass me all the time though
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