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Drivers side window stopped working!

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was wondering if anyone had this problem? It just stopped on me, luckily it is all the way up. The controls are still lite up, but i dont hear any kind of noise when I press the button either way. Could this be the cable that I read about, that sometimes breaks? Could it be a fuse? I don't think it is a fuse because the pass. side works. Need some help here guys. Thanks
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sounds like your power window regulator

mine went out and cost me $250:(
There was just a group buy on power window regulators. I got driver and passenger side for just $95 each. I replaced the driver side today. Piece o cake. Maybe call the Parts Bin and see if they can get you one. First, I would get into the door and look for obviously problems. Taking off the door panel is easy.
Boostman23, is this in a 3/S or what ever that is in your sig?
What is that in your sig, i have a few ideas but i don't want to blurt them out & look like a compleet dumbass, I'll just look half dumb & ask.:D

Well took the door apart, and found it was just dirty contact points on the switch! I used some electronic parts cleaner and a wire brush to clean it out. Got a question, how does that little spring go into the connector on the window lock out? It fell out and I didn't get a chance to look at it.

As for the car in the pic, that is my 1990 Thunderbird SuperCoupe 35th Anniversary Edition. The pic was from the burnout contest at the MN-12 Nationals, I took must smoke award. At the dyno the car pulled 205 RWHP and 310 RWTQ(100* temp in shop!), not to bad for a lightly modified Super Coupe.:eek:
mine did the exact same thing, but mine was down when it decided to stop working :( all in all, it cost me $260 to replace the insides.
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