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Door Lock Problem

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lately when i try to unlock my passenger side door from the outside, when i turn the key the celliniod (sp) clicks it back and forth between lock and unlock rapidly...any ideas anybody?
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Having same problem for last two or three days. If anyone has an idea of what causes this I would like to know too.
This seems to be a fairly common problem. If you do a search you will find a few other threads about lock problems. On my car When you unlock the passenger side with the key it automatically locks it again before you can open it. I just noticed the other day that the driver side is also unlocking as I turn the key.

The best answer that I've been able to find is that there is a controller in the door, attached to the power lock buttons. It has gone bad, and needs to be replaced. I didn't see any posts about results though, so I don't think anyone has actually try this fix, I think it is a fairly expensive dealer only part.

If you do find a deffinate solution, let us all know.

i had some messed up door locks also. The problem with mine were the wires in the harness that connects to the door where frayed and some where even broken. I just stripped them and then soldered them back.
Fixed the problem !

Well I fixed my door lock problem.

Took off the passenger side door panel to gain access to the lock cylinder. There is an electrical switch attached to the cylinder that activates the door lock for the driver’s side.

I removed the lock cylinder (only a wire clip holding it in place) and unsnapped the switch from the cylinder. I then opened the switch and cleaned the contacts inside. Put it all back together and no more problems :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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