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Domain name questions, please help :)

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Hi guys, I have a domain name that I want and it avilable. Should I get it from but charges $35 a year. I've found some other places that only take $15 to register a domain name( Can I go with either one? would it make any differences? Do I have the rights to keep the domain forever? Thanks alot:p
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with those things they're all the same. Go with the cheapest you can find.

You only have rights to the domain name while you're paying for it.. say you buy it for 5 years.. as soon as that 5 years is up and you dont renew it you done have the rights to it anymore.

the big problem is finding a cheap place to host your shit.
Go with I have been using them for over a year now and love them. Easy to change DNS records and even transfer from other registrars.

$20 to register your domain and they give you a year of free hosting
If a server goes down they will send you an email telling you there was a problem and if it has been fixed
They also include unlimited email names with that $20
Here's a direct link of what I'm talking about
Like I said you only have to pay for the domain name
I'll second motorheads

Thats what I use for several websites. $13.95 a year you have control of the domain.

If you want hosing there are a TON of options from free on up depending on the level of services you want. (ie $20 for name and host is not necssarly the best deal)
Thanks guy!

one more question, if I only pay for the first year, could anything or any one stopping me from renewing my domain? Could any of those company jack the price way up when I want to renew my domain name?
Thanks again :)
They could but don't. There is so much competition and it's so easy to switch companies that they pretty much never raise prices.

I just got my domain that i wanted from 000domain! Thanks everyone :)

I think this is the best domains that I can get :) What do you guys think?

Am I lucky or what?
Not bad..... are you producing body kits as a business or just putting up a site for pics of body kits? I can offer you some space on my dedicated server for exhange for some advertising. Let me know if you are interested. [email protected]
I'm going to use them as a bodykit business, mainly custom fiberglass parts that I design and make for the 3S and 240sx. Thanks for your help and the offer!

12 Euros / yr (around $10.50)
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