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I am doing a Twin turbo conversion on my SL and am looking for the intake track parts. The from MAF to the split elbow piece and the piece that goes to each turbo. Any other parts that you have that you think I could use i wouls appreciate info about, thank you.

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upper intake

i have the upper part of the intake that wraps over the back head if you need it let me know

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I can only sell these all or nothing... but I have that elbow and all the IC piping, and the stock ICs.

So, I have
Piping from MAS to Turbos
Piping from Turbos to ICs
Piping from ICs to throttle body, including Y pipe

I will sell them for $450.

I am only selling them all or nothing cause, I am still debating on a turbo project for my car.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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