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Does this sound like a base or an sl?

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I found a 97 3kgt for a really good deal, the guy thinks its an sl but didn't know for sure(guess he didn't look for a badge or dohc) It has the new spoiler and bumper(98 type, not 99), power everything( i believe sunroof as well), and a light tannish leather. I will know for sure on saturday when i go check it out, but i really dont want a sohc.
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The only way to know for sure is by the VIN. If you like the car otherwise..there is nothing wrong with a base. If you are buying a car strictly for the purpose of track racing....then I would personally stay away from anything that is not a TT....other than that really doesn't matter. If you test drive it and you like it and the price is it. You will have a great looking and riding car that is for the most part VERY reliable (I've never had any problems with either of my 3s's) and fun to drive.
Wrath .....

Hey Jim... I posted a message to you on the Whitetiger thread.
what's wrong with a SOHC??? It is definitely one beast of a machine :D :D :D :D :D ............................................................................I want turbos.........................:(
If it has a sunroof....'s an SL. I have a '99 base and have ALL the options, minus a sunroof. :mad:
Ask him if he has power seats. That will tell you(SL has power seats). Or ask him to look at the mirror on the sun visor. If it lights up then its an SL.
Wouldn't it be easier if he just looks under the hood? If its a DOHC it will say a DOHC.

Go (or ask him to go) out to the damn car, open the hood, and read the valve covers to see if they say "DOHC 24V" on them. Simple as can be.

Damn some of you guys try to find out the hard way! Check the VIN?!?!? ;)

-Chris Wood

P.S. Damn, Ryan. Beat me to it. :D
yea, i would check the vin but I don't have it on me, mom left it at office. I guess i will just find out on saturday when i pop the hood.
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