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Does my FAQ link work for *anyone*???

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I'm getting a lot of people saying that my FAQ link (below) doesn't work for them. OTOH, it works for me at work, and it works for another guy here at work (i.e. on a machine not contaminated with previous linkings to my FAQ) as well.

So, I know a lot of people *can't* get to it - please post if you *can* get to it.

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Sorry dude, it don't work.

Although, I can tell you, it USED to.

I just used your link probably about 4 or so days ago, so this is recent.

Check your ISP, or permissions. Something mighta gotten jazzed up.

Good luck,

I get a 404, page cannot be found error.
It works for me.. dont know why it doesnt for others

I couldn't get it to work this morning, but it did this afternoon.

1994 VR4
Works fine for me as well.. perhaps some peoples ISPs are banned for one reason or another and they can't access it?
Nope, just checked it out. I can access the '' site no problem.

I think there may be an issue with either security, or such, pertaining to your web shared folder Andrew.

I'd check with your ISP. If you're familiar with a linux/unix/posix based shell, telnet into your account and see if the folders and/or files are set to invalid permissions for web sharing.

works for me :cool:
Just check it Andrew............Works fine for me.

Looking good problems.

I am on one one of my computers at work. Its working just fine from here.
Works good. And as always great site.

I am running IE6 and have @home.
Just offering some info incase its one of those Internet Browser things, or one of those ISP things.

No worky for me...

Gene C.
Can't get to it either. For those that can see his page, clear out your web cache and then reopen your browser and try it.
No workie.
I get "Page not found" message. I would like to be able to get it.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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