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Does anyone have a diagram for the ecu?

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I need to install my s-afc, and I am having trouble finding the power wire down there and the ground. I installed my turbo timer with no problem. Just cant fint the power. Thanks for the info. If you happen to know what color wires the afc connects to , I would REALLY appreciate it.
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the power wire is a 1.25mm black w/red c-52 pin 12. this is the connector with 13 pins across, looking from the back with connector plugged in is always the way they are #'d. so on the top row of that plug(top is always the side with the latch) count to 12 (one from last) and you will see it.

the ground is c53 pin 71. this is the connector with 11 pins across. this pin is the second to the last on the bottom row of this connector and is a 1.25 mm black.

note that most of the wires are .5mm so these 1.25mm wires stand out
Hey Jeff...

How would I go about installing the AFC on my SOHC? Apexi doesn't include the diagram for the SOHC (but they include the montero. wtf?) That's the ONLY thing keeping me from Dyno-ing my setup! Help me Lucius-wan-kenobe. You're my only hope!
A waste of money it is, to put a S-AFC on a NA. :) IMHO
If I was stock...

I'd totally agree. Seeing as I have a supercharger and FMU, I'm running REALLY rich and need to lean out my fuel curves. :) Any ideas?
Wouldn't it be the same for all 3s's tt or na?I installed my s-afc and my avc-r, just look at the FAT wires, that will be your hot and ground. Hot should have red. I have alot of diagrams of the tt ecu or the instruction by apexi.
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