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dodge stealth r/t tt or mistu 3000gt

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i was just wonderin :confused: :rolleyes: :confused: whatz the fuckin diff between a mistu 3000gt and a dodge stealth .. there is no noticible diff that i found but everyone seeems to like the 3000gt better just wanna kno is there any phisical diff ?? detailed pls
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Theres absolutely no difference, exept the name, a couple body panels, the spoiler, and wheels... you can switch practically every component in the car.
3000gt got the "active aero" feature and that's about it. active aero lets the driver depoly a front air damn that drops down, and the rear spoiler tilts up and down. i believe this also activates itself at high speeds though i'm not sure. that's the only physical difference i can think of, other than the obvious styling differences.
It really comes down to which body style you like.
"Theres absolutely no difference"
Wrong, in reality there is a difference in aesthetics (especially first generation 91 - 93). I really like the two tone black accent on roof and pop up head lights on the Stealth, it is very unique.
If you look at the lines, the Stealth is more rounded and fluid. There is not a hard or sharp line anywhere on the car. The 3000gt has sharper lines and in some cases harder edges. The side window on the Stealth is nice in that it is again rounded and not a black panel that discolors and flakes but glass. Some have purchased and replaced it with a 99 3000gt side panel that rectifies the problem.
Some of the 3000 gt's have active areo, depending on the year and model. The Stealth's never had this option.
Whichever one you choose I am sure it will be the finest car you have ever owned or driven.
Dr. Jerry Scolamiero 1993 Stealth RTTT :cool:

Well here is 1 person who likes stealths better. Otherwise no differences performancewise. Same car.
i like stealths more just i think the 99 3000 gts are the coolest looking ones
"active aero"

i have done myt reasearch but back to askin details in what the "active aero" feature is and what it does... ?
active aero is a front and rear spoiler that move to adjust downforce. Do they work? Doubt it.
I've always preferred 3000GTs to the Steaths, though I am warming up to them a bit.

It's that Stealth spoiler that I just don't care for. I've seen a few with the 3000 hoop spoiler and it makes a world of difference to me.

Yeah, the 99's are the best looking of them all, no question.

Just another opinion :D :D
co0 ... btw what do the new 99's look like .. ?
3000GT or stealth?

In my opinion, when comparing the first gen models, Ill go with the stealth TT. When going with second gen models, Ill go with the 3000GT. This is just my opinion however.
1st Gen Stealth look the best in my opinion. Second Gen 3000gt's look the worst.
one is japanese and the other is american car.
My personal opinion is that japanese car is usually better....

yes i know stealth are made in japan..don't worry ;)

in reality, there seem to be more information on the for example, if i didn't know 3000GT is the same as a stealth, and did i search..i would probably never come across Jeff's site, or andrew's FAQ

actually, i didn't know the term 3/S stand for in the beginning.
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