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93 NA ATX 3000gt DOHC
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Thanks for the reply. The INT setting seems not working on my car, other settings still work, if I turn it to INT, it will just do one move then stop there, not back to the position. The low and high setting seems still working, it will back to the position if I turn to low or high then turn it directly to off...I don't know if this really an issue or not

Also, seems the move of the wiper slower than it should, a bit lack of power, personal feeling..
I wouldn’t waste money on wiper motor, as it won’t likely fix your problem. The problem is either with column switch or ETACS timer circuit for intermittent wiper operation.

I can’t say which, but I can tell you low speed wiper operation uses same wiring to motor as intermittent operation. The only difference is ETACS turns power off and on to motor when intermittent is selected on column switch.
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