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Do we get a discount at

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I was just wondering if gives us a club discount?
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Hey Brian,

I don't think they do and their prices are rediculous - I just priced a timing belt - $189 from them, I got mine from Conicelli for $91.45 (before they raised their prices).

Remember too that I negotiated a deal from Mike @ San Rafael Mitsu for 20-25% off for Team3S members - 3Si admins didn't want to set this up for us - they're extremely busy. So if you want something from him - tell him you're a Team3S member and Richard Pierce suggested you call - he'll give you 25% off on the high mark-up stuff and 20% on the stuff that doesn't have such a mark-up. Mike was at Concord Mitsu for 12 years and does seem like he will help us "jobbers".
Yea it does seem like they are a bit high not too bad though... my order is somewhere around $400 from and I am waiting emails back from all the other dealers.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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