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do i really need to change the pressure plate??

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Hello, my ES has about 35,000 on the clutch, and i want to replace the disk and the bearing. Do i really need to pay the extra money to replace the pressure plate?? When i pulled the engine and the tranny 8,000 ago(i should have changed it then, but i was broke), the fingers looked pretty good, just the normal shiny rectangles on the very end of the fingers. Thanks!
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I'm not a mechanic but Ive never heard of Not changing the P plate with the clutch. I imagine it could cause the clutch to wear out prematurely or not engage correctly
Yes you have to change it #1 if the clutch is wore it is wore itself on the pressure plate side too.#2 I have seen raped clutches that didn't slip because the pressure plate was good ,in other words if it's slipping the pressure plate is bad#3The pressure plate has a friction surface like the flywheel that gets warped,and it can't be turned. Hope this advice helps.
ok, thanks, guys
I cant imagine why you would change the pressure plate unless its broken, its not really a wearable item. If the clutch is gone then the rivets tear up the pressure plate surface and destroy it. otherwise you might as well just save the $150 bucks
really? Thats what i thought, but everyone else seems to think differently.
Usually you replace a clutch becaus the disk wore through, in witch case it will probably have destroyed the pressure plate (friction surface will be gouged up), but if your just replacing it because the trannys out the pressure plate should be fine. Last time I changed the clutch I just threw in a new $26 disk, and its fine so far

I agree with GT...I burn up clutches a lot and would only change it if needs it ...If it ain't broke, Don't fix it!....JC
I'll second that.. you don't really have to replace it, unless the clutch was worn down to the rivets.. Most clutch kits come with a pressure plate, or you could but just a stock clutch disc..
Wow, thanks guys, what about this 26 dollar disk??????
This is why being on this board for so long I have only 140 some posts.Good sound professional advice that I give gets shot down with out a blink of consideration.:(
hey guys,
my clutch seems has no pressure and feels lighter. Do you think my cultch is out.
oh right..... the $26 disc was for my probe, I had to get a new pressur plate for the GT because I drove for about 8k miles with the clutch slipping. The 3k clutch disk probably wouldnt cost too much more, (50-80) there are lots of places to get one aftermarket, not like its a dealer part.
stealth 16, after you replace the clutch disk, let us know how long it lasts before you have to replace it again.
alright, i might even try the autozone disk, they are like 50 bucks and have a lifetime warrantee. worth a try! :)
You know for people who respect and enjoy there car so much I would expect that you wouldn't be so cheap, and that you would take care of your car properly.I am not trying to start a flame war, but come on are you trying to take care of your car or just get by as cheap as possible?
I would certainly be willing to spend the extra cash if it actually improved the car, or made it last longer, and I agree with you that if you burnt the clutch out then you need to replace the pressure plate, and I would rather take care of my car than be cheap, but I dont think being cheap and not replacing the pressure plate is likely to cause any problems. You might as well be cheap when you can get away with it.
GT, thanks man! I agree. Also, to 'di93es', it isn't a war, just want to let you know whats goin on. First of all, i bought my 91 ES for $4500 bucks two years ago from a lady who trashed it. Since then, i have invested almost $7,000 MORE into restoring it by replacing the tranny, and pulling the engine and having it completely rebuilt, etc. So to say that i am cheap and careless with this car is quite a longshot. i just agree with GT in that if it doesn't need to be replaced(i can't even feel the clutch slip yet, so if anything i am being over cautious) than why replace it. Secondly, i just bought a fat engagement ring and got engaged about 10 days ago, so i am pretty broke! :) But i am happy! :p My girl and my wedding kinda take priority. Does that clear things up? Thanks for the opinions everyone!
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