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I'm no petroleum expert, but here is some of the info I have read...

Diesel fuel is "exempt" (for now, standards are being ironed out) from typical smog testing due to the fact that most diesel vehicles are commercial use, and represent a very small percentage of actual road going vehicles.

As far as the differences between pump gas and diesel, and the idea that diesel is cleaner, we must look how the two engines operate. Diesel engines are constant burn, (no spark plugs, utilizing "glow plugs" for starting), and rely upon compression to "light the fire", (combustion is a product of spark and pressure,) and most diesels do have a clean burn, producing more NO2 (depletes ozone) and particulates than regular gasoline...But less monoxides. However, and I may be wrong here, I thought diesel engines have a higher level of raw petroleum oils in the mixture, giving off that blue/black smoke commonly associated with it. In fact, this does not neccesarily mean that the exhaust is worse than the spent gases of gasoline.

At any rate, just thought I'd throw my $.02 in...Hope this helps!

Dan J
94 Stealth TT

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