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Hi! I can explain that...I was here for about a year and scattered posts kept popping up that we wanted a PA chapter but nothing came of it cause no one ever saw the same posts at the same time. :( So about 8 months ago or so I searched through the member list and found everyone listed as being in PA. :eek: I sent all 146 of them a PM directing them to a thread for starting a chapter. Then I asked Alan to set us up a PA chapter which he did. Once all of us were in one spot we brainstormed and decided to divide the State into 3 sections - East, Central & West.

Then I did a gracious bow out and let the guys take it from there and they've done a great job! I knew all we needed was to get everyone in one spot and the chapter would happen cause we all wanted it to. (I feel like a 'Founding Mother' and I'm so proud of my boys! :p )

But the reader's digest answer to your comment is you are not listed as being in PA in your personal profile - you are listed as East Coast.

So now that you've found us we're glad you're here! :D

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You can also register for NG and choose a PA option now :D

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Many or even maybe most of the PA members went to the "other" 3s site where the alan mentioned in the first post resides. You may find more people and help there.

There is some wacky politics between the two sites so I wont give any more detail.

Its also not a good idea to add to old threads.

Good luck.

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