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Okay guys!!!!

I am planned on heading to Denver for a week- probably the 16-23 of November!!!!

Jeff, WeaponX, palamarap, anyone else... I know you live there... I am sure that we can get at least one of you to go eat or something...

I doubt I'll have my car... but we'll have to wait and see.
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My numbers:
W 303-702-4421
H 303-823-6191

I'm origianlly from Oklahaoma City.
I may be down there at the same time.
If not, it would be great to see another Okie.

Jim :)
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Hi Ryan (Shadowfax),

Give me a call when you are in the area. I am the one who faxed you the directions for your Greddy
Profec A.

(303) 460-8360:D
I tried to send you a private message back on monday but your mailbox is full. Here is my contact number 303-737-4733 and maybe we all should get together and have some fun (screw the wifes) Diamond Cabaret maybe or allsports on santa fe :D
And also no my car will not be running at that time so no free rides unless you just want to sit in it ... ;)
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