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2 quarts is huge!

So update... Advance Auto Parts which sold the axles that the shop used the first time for the preventative maintenance (worn boots on factory CV axles), is refusing to reimburse me for damages. They told me not to keep the original axles after I insisted and stressed the importance of sending these to their parts vendor to prevent further loss and worst case bodily harm / fatality of other owners. They stringed me along months with run around for the claim process to then tell me that they cannot process any claim without the original parts. Their business practices are shady. I'll post the entire dialog between them in a different post as warning to other owners. They even tried looking up my posts on 3SI to take away liability on their part. Funny part is that it only proves that I maintain my cars. They tried saying this actual thread, yes they searched and looked up this thread, is proof of abuse on my car! Can you believe this?

When I asked for a corporate representative and legal information they kept refusing to provide me that information. The individual in the claim department that is apparently a lead said that he is corporate and kept refusing to provide me any form of communication until the very end when I asked him if AAP is refusing to provide me legal contact information. He denied me this information the first few times I asked.

Travis Brizendine
Professional Support Team Lead
Roanoke Campus – Customer Support
p: (540)561-6951 e: [email protected]
5008 Airport Road, Roanoke Va. 24012

Names and emails of others involved in the claim:

Trish ([email protected])
Frank Miller ([email protected])
Troy Turcotte ([email protected])
Wayne Brady [email protected]
Lynn Preston [email protected]

Has anyone else had any aftermarket axles from Advance Auto Parts fail? If you have or know of anyone who has, please direct them to me as I am building a case as this is now moving to legal action. I've had others at owner meets mention this to me in the past, so it must be commonplace to those who've replaced theirs with aftermarket axles. They tried saying the axles were not installed correctly and the passenger side axle was loose the entire time which then took out the seal. They also claimed that even if the CV seal on the tranmission was compromised that no significant amount of oil would leak out. LOL! These are your automotive aftermarket experts. I guess my FWD Stealth magically drove ~6000 miles with no engagement of the passenger CV axle (sarcastic).

It is disgusting to see a corporation such as AAP, praying on their customers with deceitful practices and showing a complete disregard and lack for safety via inadequate quality control and not ensuring their supply sources come through reliable vendors. After years of buying parts at Advance Auto Parts, I am done. Now I need to have my automatic transmission rebuilt.
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