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>i do a lot of motorway driving but our motorways are not as you know it. they tend to be start\stop average speed 40mph.

Except for the M25 where it goes under the Thames, then it's stop/stop average speed 0. What kind of fool designs a two-lane tunnel for a three-lane highway anyway?

Which makes me want to ask - why, then, do you need a fast car at all?

I've got to figure that with the farty roads over there, you're gonna be doing a lot of shifting, more than the typical guy over here. Given that, and that the Getrag trannies have a bad reputation, possibly you don't want to go that route?

Maybe it's Philosophy Time. To my mind, our cars are luxury highway cruisers - soft cushy seats, power everything, cruise control, very quiet, air-conditioning, soft ride. They're made for driving across Kansas while you sleep. The UK does not have many Kansasish roads. You want something small and nimble with good handling, for the curves and corners and the acceleration and deceleration and one-lane B-roads with sheep all over them. Perhaps it's Porsche time.
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