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Dave Best

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Just letting you guys know you can all trust Dave. I bought his 18" chrome rims from him 2-3 years ago (sight unseen) and he shipped them to me and covered the cost upfront himself. This was $800 worth of merchandise that he shipped without worrying about getting paid back. Of course as soon as I received them (in fact, the same moment, after I confirmed there was no shipping damage), I dropped him a check in the mail.

Thanks Dave,

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Dave's Great!

Dave is great - he powder coated my plenum and valve cover and it gets constant raves (Impeccable craftsmanship). I sent Dave my plenum and valve cover - he did all the work, paid return shipping and then said to check his work before paying him anything. I paypaled him the funds and I would gladly work with Dave again and I highly recommend him.
Dave is the Best

I sent Dave my plenum, valve cover, and spark plug cover. The work was first-rate and very timely. He sent several pictures and progress reports. I highly recommend Dave and echo Zack and Rick92VR4’s comments.
dave is great

I sold Dave my twin turbo plenum, he paid so very fast, it was in my paypal before i could blink an eye!! He is very professional!!
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