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I finally did some data logging, and have attached the viewer and .jpg versions of the data.
The probelm: I'm getting knock, around 5-7 points consistently around 2000-2500 rpm. The example attached is a pull in 3rd gear, but have seen the same knock in pulls from 1st gear in the same rpm range. Does anything lool unusual with this data? I know I've heard others talking about more knock than this, but its pulling timing and I'm guessing power as well. I dont see the knock anywhere else than the range listed above. I'm new at datalogging so I'm wondering if I'm missing something or if this is normal. Should the airflow just reach a peak and flatten/platue? Am I lean or rich? Boost was set around 13-13.5 PSI. Mods are K&N, Stillen DP, ATR Cat back, Blitz SBC-id Boost controller, Supra fuel pump, copper NGK plugs gapped 0.036", Magnecor wires, and the car only has 35,000 miles, and all "tune-up" items are new (plugs, fuel filter, etc).
Your help is needed!



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