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Damn... I am stupid

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I was going to change tranny oil. I tried to get the fill plug out but.. guess what? I made the plug turned into a round plug and now I can't get it off. I guess I will be taking to the shop with a lift so they can take it out. See, I am such a good weekend mechanic.. but I did change my front brake pads and rotors out today with no problem (Porterfield cyro-treated cross drilled and R4S pad).

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What tool did you use to round off fill plug?
hmm...fill plug is pretty easy to get to. Must of been using wrong size wrench.

no it was the right size nut. I guess that was a little metal pipe next to the fill plug and I might not had the nut/wrench even before pulling it.... I am so dumb..
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I now have a shop with lifts and lots of goodies. Stop by and we can look at that plug. I'm across from WalMart on Harrisburg Rd. 9415 A Parkton Road (Behind Harris Body shop and next to Jag Doctor)
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when did you get a shop? You are the man. I told you to have a shop so I can bring it there everyday and put my car on lift :) I have to get the fill plug first... I messed it up. I hate being under the car with no room to work with. I will even pay you to let me use your lift and I will do the work. Don't charge me too much now.. we are buddies right?

I will probably bring it sometime next week? Maybe wednesday afternoon? it that cool?

Thanks Steve
Steve, when will you be in your shop? My tranny plug won't come in until thursday. Will you be there on Thursday or maybe this weekend? Let me know when you will be there. Thanks


How many lift do you have?
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