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Custom tweeter Install

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Anyone here ever made custom holes for tweetes like on the door panel and next the the rear 6x9 speakers.
Im adding tweeters to my audio and would like to have 3 set of tweeters in total but would like to do it myself. So if anyone out there has done this can you give me some tips on the cutting and mounting of the tweeter hole i would really like yourhelp.
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Why would you ever need 3 sets of tweeters in a 3000GT?

What about those kind you just screw on top of the interior? I had those in my truck and they looked good. I suppose it would look better your way... just making sure you thought of this option.
Why would i need 3 tweeters????????????//\
Why would anyone want to make a 3000gt into a 9 sec car?
For that reason i need 3 tweeters:)

I suppose i can go that way but i want to try it my way first ;)
If you're looking to improve high-end dispersion, just mount your front tweeters in gauge pod type locations and use phase correctable cross-overs. You really don't need more then one set, unless you like your sound stage to be misbalanced a phasey. For the most part, multiple tweeters are only used in focused array systems, and that's only to eliminate floor bounce (glare).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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