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Custom Boxes CHEAP!! $125+

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will make any kind of box for our cars to include ones that will fit in grove in back starting at $125 and up depending on what you [email protected]
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how much would it cost for plexiglass?
plexy glass

email: [email protected] for exact prices and info for what you want.
Plexi Glass Boxes

I'll custom build a plexi glass box for anyone who wants one, i've made 3 before, sold them all for around $250-$300 (with my speakers in em)

i've got 3 solid designs down, but I will make one to fit your speakers (working with plexi glass is an aquired skill)

i can also integrate the neons ahead of time if you'd like

email me if you're interested

[email protected]
Do you have pictures of some examples? And could you make a box for the new jl audio w7? I know they are like double reenforced.
I would like to get a plexi glass box for either 2 or 3 12 inch kicker xpl, what would the prices be?
Thanks for the responce
i NEED a ported box for 2 JL W3 how much>

I live in trenton Nj 08611
how much shipping and how long to build???????:D

12" W3 2ohm Subwoofer

Nominal Diameter: 12 inches (300 mm)
Continuous Power Handling: 250 Watts
Voice Coil: 2.25" diameter, 4-layer, Kapton former
Available Configurations: Dual 2 ohm, Dual 4 ohm or Dual 6 ohm
Xmax (one-way, linear): 0.46"-0.51" (11.7-13.0 mm) depending on specific model
Sealed Enclosure Range: 1.00-1.50 cu.ft. (28.3-42.0 liters)
Ported Enclosure Range: 2.00-3.00 cu.ft. (57.0-85.0 liters)
VRCÂTechnology: YES
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lemme crunch those numbers guys, i'll get back to ya

I would like a plexiglass box for my 93 stealth es. 2 JL 12" w6's
I want a badass box. Something that people look @ and wonder how the hell it was done. Some lighting on the inside of the box, JL logos on it. I am not talkin bout %$%$ rigging it or making it look gay but I want something unique. Let me know on pricing plz.
so what happened are ou still making them or what
would you email me pics at [email protected]
i am interested.... i would like a box for three alpine type r ten inchers. also with plexiglass and integrated neons. i'd like to see pics of your other boxes before i buy the subs though
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