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Hey all... Well, my idle problems still persist after trying many things for fix it. The car starts cold just fine, then when it warms up the idle is up around 2-2.5k ... But sometimes it will idle to low and stall out at stops. damn annoying I tell you!! I took mah rig (93 Stealth es auto) into a local shop here and the darn car ran fine the whole time. Arrrrrrrg!!! So they said something about an 'Idle Control Servo' that lives in the thottle body and goes bad on many 3k's and Montero's. For the symptoms I described to them it was their official reccomendation to replace it. It's a 350 dollar item so I wanna be sure that is what the problem is before sinking my wallet into that tasty little tidbit... Has anyone on the list ever had to replace this item?
I have tried adjusting the idle, doing the battery trick (disconnect the bat for 10 minutes and then let the car idle for an hour, well, about 40 minutes in my case) and running Chevron additives in my gas (this helped out big time before when it was running rough). Can somebody please give me some more advice on this issue? Any ideas appreciated!! thanks in advance....

---Adam Gunn
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Take a look at the idle position switch.
It could be acting up intermittantly.
It kind of sounds like the ISC is working on and off, and when you messed with the idle screw the other day you may have set it too low causing the low idle when the ISC returns to the normal idle position.
To check the idle switch find the Throttle Position Sensor, it's the black plastic thing on the forward side of the throttle body. (the switch is built into it)
Un-plug the 4 pin connector, and check for continuity between pins 3 & 4 on the sensor.
(with the key for the conn. on top the pins are 1-2-3-4, left to right)
With the throttle released there should be continuity. Open the throttle up and the connection should break. Do this several times to make sure it's consistant.

Happy hunting!
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