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I had the bad flu in june of 2019,winter for us, all the symptoms of the china flu .I went to the doctor after 3 weeks due to complications and trouble breathing, I go for walks every day. Up and down hills too .I had some other complications too some of which I'm still dealing with indirectly, Maybe due to my immune system working overtime,

Whatever is going to happen. you'll know quite soon when the power goes off and you also lose your internet
.It might never happen though.
It's not about climate change or wuhan flu or anything else obvious
Must be the big reset and the new normal.
Do as you're told and take your flu jabs.
Check out ewetoob and politicians faking their jabs.

I'm just watching from a distance, it's easy to see that everything's not right, we just had an election recently and the numbers didn't come out the way I was expecting, we are pretty much all sold out to china. Even the leader of the opposition had a china husband.

Not sure if we have dominion voting machines here too?
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