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I am asking this from some of you that I know have experience
I would like to know the easiest way to take the panels off(and around) the radio (so that I can see if any wires have come lose from my aircondition screen)

My next question has to do with the passenger side air conditioning vent. If I close the vent, it does not close, now the dealership broke my middle airconditioning vent by snapping some little black clips off and I do not want to do this to my own vehicle. Can someone with experience perhaps tell me the easiest way to get the job done? Thanks in advance!!

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to get the carpet panels off the sides, there is one screw right in the middle of the panel under a plastic cap. It's right about where your knee might be if you are sitting in the seat. Then there is a push connector at the base of the panel all the way up against the firewall. Just pull it out. Then start pulling out the bottom edge of the panel and you can pull it off, first getting the bottom out, then the tab in between the glove box and center console, then there are two snaps that hold it on, one right under the stick shift, and another about where the driver seat control is. Just pull the panel and you can hear them disconnect. To get the radio trim off, just get a tiny screw driver and pry it from the side. It comes off easily, and to remove the radio, only four highly-visible screws need to come off. This should give you as much room as you can get without taking out the climate control itself

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