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Could anyone tell me the correct amount of redline fluids needed for the eclipse gsx

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5sp. I nned to know the correct amount and what kind is needed for each.
Tranny case 50/50 mix of MTL and Mt-90
Differential case???
Transfer case???

Iknow about but damn I hate navigating my way through that site it is a pain in the ass.

Also it is for a 97 GSX
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I would go with the B&G syncro shift for the trans, and the B&G ultra gaurd for the rear diff. I think the stuff helps the syncros shift WAY better than Redline;) The Syncro shift is realitivly inexpensive from Conicillie Mitsu but the Ultra gaurd is a lil high but it only takes one thankfully:rolleyes: (3/S's take a lil more than 1 in the read diff) I am unsure on the transfer case I have been told by some people the cheap stuff works best for the transfer case. I have cheap stuff in my stealth but I think I might go with the Redline "Shockproof heavy"
Someone I know who is "the man" when it comes to trannies says the Shockproof is too heavy for our cars.

Here's all the info you need (and the website doesn't agree with my previous statement):
Brian, if you read this before getting to work call me. 918-381-4521.... I need your car to cut the intake tube for it. Got everything figured out but that. I can have the whole thing done by this afternoon.

Hey, have Clay (with the GSX, right?) check out
Hey I can give clay the keys and you can pick them up from him if you want.
That'll work. Just go to the back and find him?
Yup he also dyed his hair blonde on top. He's gay!
LOL *rests head in hands* That's just too funny.
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