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Correct Part # for KYB's?

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Hi, guys,
I searched the archives for the correct part # for the shocks I'm looking for but no one seems to be able to agree on it:). We've got a '91 RT/TT with ECS, but the ECS light is flashing anyway, so it's always set in "sport" mode. We're going to lower the car with the Intrax 1.75" drop springs and want to add KYB's at the same time. Are these the correct part #'s?
Front: 335013
Rear: 341184
Also, I assume the ECS won't work anymore after this mod, so can we just pull a fuse or something to get the light to stop blinking? Thanks.
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341185 is the part number for the rear.

the front part number is correct. The complete set runs about $400.
Thanks, Hans! Where is the best place to get these, guys? Summit Racing?
I got mine at advance auto parts for $363 for the set of 4 Non adjustable
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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