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Congratulations to our 2007 3Si Ride of the Year!!
Robert "oohnoo" Prinz #1925
Glacier Pearl White 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4

Robert's Ride of the YEAR Wiki Page

My Story:
I suppose it started when I first turned 40 and always wanted to get my dream car.....a 3000GT VR4. I found 3si and became quite fimilar with it and learned all I could and started to look around. Well after searching for almost 2 years I finally found my dream car in the 4-sale section here at 3si, a 1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 in Glacier Pearl White. Only issue with it was that it was located in Tennessee. After having the car checked out I purchased her and had her shipped up here to New York.

As everyone knows once you get one the fun starts.......MODDING. The first thing I wanted to do with the car was switch over to synthetic oil so I brought my car down to the local dealer “Sunrise Mitsubishi” and had the engine flushed. Well the mechanic that was working on the car pulled me aside and told to me get the dent in the oil pan fixed asap, and that person just so happened to be Ray Pampena...need I say any more. Much of the work to the car I've done myself including reupholstering the seats, porting of the turbo’s/exhaust manifolds and my DSM IC's w/ 1 3/4" pipes which now I've gone to my Duel Core FMIC. I had Ray Pampena do the tuning on the car which netted me 440awhp @ 18psi on pump gas. Then we added some race gas and broke the TD04 record with 550awhp @ 26 psi. There was probably more left in her as we ran out of fuel pump. Since last year I've ran into some bad luck and blew a small piece of the ring lands off #4 & 6 pistons.

Well as any respected owner of a Mitsubishi 3000GT would do I decided to rebuild her. With that I pulled the motor and thankfully I had the help of my good friend Dave (My923ksl) to help me. Once we pulled the motor out I tore her apart and dropped her off at Merkel Racing to have Scott do his magic rebuilding it knifing the crank and using Ray Pampena's custom forged rods and forged pistons. With such a nice new motor you know I had to also install some DR Stage III heads and DR Street Cams. Once I got her back I assembled the motor and once again employed the help of Dave to help me drop her in. It's been an up and down journey with the weirdest of things happening. The latest being my Pro-M failed on me and as a result I had to get her tuned with the stock MAF which quickly ran outta air on the dyno which netted me only 415awhp @ 12psi. Don't worry I'll be back on the dyno real soon and hopefully get some new numbers that I can once again be proud of.

I would also like to take this time to thank my wife for supporting me and for putting up with my so called “habit”.

Here’s the list of my mods.....

'99 Rear Garnish

Merkel Racing short block Ray Pampena Forged Rods and Forged Pistons DR Stage III Heads DR Street Cams
Custom Ported WRX 19t's w/TD04HL wheel w/3° clip
Ported Exhaust Manifolds
Denso 660 Injectors
PRO-M Maft
AEM FPR w/RobBeck© Adapter
Custom SS Fuel Lines
Hot Wired Denso Fuel Pump
DN Performance Intercooler Pipes
Dejon Intake Pipes
Custom DualCore FMIC by "oohnoo"
Poly Engine Mounts
Undented Oil Pan

PST 2-Piece Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
ACT Clutch
Kittyless w/ Test Pipe
ATR Downpipe
Borla Catback

Apexi SAFC
Blitz SBC i-D
Defi Gauges – Boost, EGT, Water Temp, oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure
AEM Wideband
MSD Knockbox
’95 ECU w/Shiver’s Logger - “To be Installed”

Intrax Springs
KYB Struts/Springs
DYI Adjustable Rear Control Arm’s
Rear Strut Bar
Summer Wheel/Tires - 19" VOLK Progressiv TE’s in Custom Black Pearl Chrome w/Toyo Proxes T1R’s
Winter Wheel/Tires - 18" Replica Chromies w/Continential ContiExtremeContact

KatzSkin leather seat covers
Ohio Spyderman’s Short Throw Shifter

Panasonic CQ-C8413U HU
Rockford Fosgate P4004
Front Speakers - Diamond Audio 6.5 Hex
Rear Speakers - Infinity Kappa 6x9's
Rockford Fosgate P6001bd
Sub – Diamond Audio 10" M6mkII in Smokin’s enclosure

My Website:


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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

Congrats man very nice car!

mah nah mah nah
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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

congrats man!

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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

awesome car, congrats!

Everclear Aficionado
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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

very nice. insanely clean and i like seeing some age and wisdom in our community(im 21) hope to be taking this title next year.:cool:

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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

Congrats on the sweetest ride of the year !!! :) Hope to see her at the East Coast Gathering !!!!

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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

What, no victory speech Bob? :) Congratulations dude, you really deserved this. You basically did every upgrade yourself on your white beauty. You make 3sny proud. Something for the rest of us to aspire to.

Great win,

Damn I cannot believe I won this. It was one hella of a week watching all this unfold. Not to mention with an unbelievable 535 voters. All of these cars are simply amazing and all are winners in my book.

I cannot thank everyone enough for all their votes and support. Special thanks go to all my pals at 3sny and especially Justin for giving me much needed drive/moral support to enter, Ray Pampena for his never ending "Bob don't fuck with your car, it's perfect the way it is" and especially Tommy for those amazing VOLKS.

Cabana Boy
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Re: 2007 Ride of the Year :: oohnoo !!!!

Def a beautiful car that deserves the title. It was up against a slew of gorgeous cars, but the best won. CONGRATS!
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