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compenent qaulity and stage...

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I have a few questions, one of them directed specifically to Mobilebeatz.

1) I read most all of the messages on this board, and being someone of this sort I've found that Mobilebeatz would appear to be the most qualified expert in most niches of the audio realm. One thing that you've reapeated over and over again though MB confuses me to some extent. You insist that the rear speakers aren't really necessary for stage in most applications. When I turn my rear speakers off I find that part of the music seems to just be "missing". Is this because I've grown so used to and fond of being surrounded by 4 channels or is there some other explanation. Don't go too crazy trying to explain this to me because no matter what I think I'm going to leave my rears in for now. I'm not after SQ king of the world title, nor anything remotely close to it. Factually I'm more interested in SPL that SQ, but am not about to give up SQ totally.

2) Its time for me to replace the components in my vehicle (not a 3/s). I drive a 1993 Ford F-150 extended cab with rear pillar 4x6's and 4's in the doors (hey, it rhymes, awesome). I have installed a box that takes up 2/3s of my back seat when in and houses 2 ported 12s for bass fill. They're in a easily removable box and are in only about 50% of the time. I will probably power the door speakers that I replace and possibly even the rears if it sounds like a good idea. My question is what speakers to get. I want semi high-end stuff. I'm looking to spend about 200 bucks a pair on both front and back. I'm definitely not looking for Rainbows, but won't settle for Jensens either. I'd prefer for them to go right into the stock locations without modification. I want them to play fairly deep for when my subs aren't in. Is this possible? (I want to hear the heartbeat at the beginning of "Wanted Man" by the Styx, and for anyone who hasn't heard this, I HIGHLY recommend it) Suggestions? Plates or co/tri/quad-axials for the back? Or nothing for the back and just run REALLY nice fronts with power?

Sorry about the long post. And for those wondering WTF is this guy doing on the 3/s forum, I'm getting ready, its coming next Spring. Sell me your black 94 TT in about March April.
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In answer to your question, yes you have become accustomed to the quadrophonic sound and your mind recognizes the music most aptly in that state. However, fading your stock system to the front is hardly a good indication of how a quality front stage should sound. People all too often make that misguided and simplistic rebuttal to front stage only. Some people simply prefer the ambience of speakers all around, but often that is due to lack of exposure to a quality alternative. Think about most highend home speaker arrangements: two large floorstanding speakers or monitors in front of you. Other speakers come into play for surround applications. The world's best cars are appraised as if the dashboard were a stage, and you're sitting at a concert. At a concert, sound emanates from in front of you. If you're not used to listening to sound a certain way, then a true SQ application will sound alien to you. I am a strong proponent of big power to components and dedicated midbasses upfront. Subwoofers can be added for thaat sub 60Hz or so low end. If you're set on rear speakers, I'd suggest a lowpassed midrange to keep the vocals and soundstage from smearing too heavily to the rear.

Especially in a Ford truck, rear speakers are superfluous. You will need either larger components or a midbass + the 4" speakers to keep up with that heavy bottom end.
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A very well versed and informing retort, as a solution I think I will do as you say and use only front stage for the time being. I will simply choose an amplifier that will leave my options open in case I find my musical experience empty.
Good plan.

If I had input, I'd choose a high caliber component set and then a dedicated midbass, powered separately by a pair of 2 channel amps or one large 4 channel.
I'm not totally sure that I understand what you're suggesting. Its quite obvious I've already strayed from just a drop in install. Thats not a big problem as I planned on running power anyways. Are you suggestiing a total of 6 ch. (4" components + midbass drivers) or are you suggesting 4 ch. (4" components attempting to use the 4" drivers for midbass if thats possible). My guess is that you're suggesting the latter scenario as you only recommended a total of 4 ch. worth of power, I just am concerned that I won't be able to get any sort of lows out of such a small driver. Also, is there anything wrong with last years MB Quart 4" Reference components (P/N RSB 214)? I've found them for an incredible price on the net. I can't stress how much I want to thank you for your help. Also, anyone else have any suggestions? I didn't intend for only Mobilebeatz to respond, I value nearly everyone on this boards opinion.
Incorrect. I was in fact suggesting 6 drivers, but 4 channels. Components are traditionally run off only one set of channels unless you plan to go to a fully active setup, which has its pros and cons (channel for midranges and tweeters separately).

Not sure if my input is still welcomed...
Understood perfectly. I'm not certain where you'd recommend putting the midbass drivers though? I'm assuming the 4" driver would go in the factory location, and the tweeter is easy enough to find a spot for, but where for the midbass driver? 6.5, 8? Input always welcome, I hope I'm not pestering. I'd like others input also, especially on suggested brands to use for my application. I've not looked into components since '98 and am not sure whats good and whats not anymore. Ask me about subs, I may be able to answer. Anyone have good experience with any recent purchases?
I'd suggest kickpanel or door mounting for the midbass. Or dash if you got creative.
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