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Colored radiator hoses, or painted ones?

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So where can i get these??
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I seen anodized aluminum/polished
in summit catalog..

That would look pretty slick in a 3/s.:cool:

~28,000 yen
from "Bozz speed"

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$232 dollars for one or both hoses? That is still higher that boat gas!
Would High-Heat/Engine Paint work? Possibly as a cheap solution?
It has been my experience with high-temp paint that it does not stick very well. Even when you prep the surface, it seems like a very thin paint.
This is Todd Shelton's motor. I've got this type of radiator hose too. I bought it from or something a while ago. There is also another company called radhoze or something that makes andonized flexible radiator hoses in a variety of colors. I don't have pricing though.
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where did you get that stealth plate? the one right under the v6 dohc 24v
yea... thats nice. Where did you get that from and for how much?
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