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Clutch pedal stiff & squeeking after polished plenum?!?!?

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well i just put my plenum back in after weeks of polishing, and i start up th car and the clutch pedal is extremely stiff! and when i let out the clutch it squeeks like hell. i haven't driven it yet cuz I don't know whats goin on with that clutch.

On the driver's side of the plenum there is a vacuum hose leading to the plenum, this is the clutch booster vacuum hose(it runs right underneath the IC pipe). I took this off when I took the plenum off, this is the only clutch-related part that I can think of that was touched during the plenum's removal & install.

Does anyone know why it's doing this & what I can do?
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well if when you let go of the clutch, and it squeeks, that's your throw out bearing. And my clutch was stiff as hell before it went out. But the squeeking is your throw out for sure if it's only when you let go of the pedal. The plenum shouldn't have effected it in anyway way, 'cause they are not directly related to each other. Are you sure it wasn't squeeking before??
Did you remove the clutch vacuum hose completely? There is a check valve inside that hose and the hose is directional.
ya its definately that vacuum hose. I had the same problem. on the hose it has an arrow that is labeled to point towards the engine. Check those out and u'll find ur problem.
yeah i noticed that valve inside the hose, and it's on the right way, the same way i took it off. i drove it earlier and the squeeking went away, but the clutch is still stiff. i am waiting for my RPS stage II & flywheel from the group buy, i need to get it in soon cuz my clutch is BAD.
I took my clutch booster off and pluged the hole in the plenum. This made the clutch very stiff because there is no room for the air to go when the clutch is disengaged. Perhaps your valve is stuck.
well last nite i noticed that one end of the hose was kinda dry-rotted, not much to where i think it would do anything, but i ordered a new one today anyways, along with a bunch of bolts i have dropped down into my engine compartment over time that never made thier way out.:mad:
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