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Help me out. I will try to explain this, but basically I thinking the clip on the clutch fork that holds the throw out bearing possibly came off?

1 day car randomly would not let me go into gear while running.. Turned if off, put it in gear, started the car and it was moving like in gear without my clutch pedal pushed in. I got out, checked fluid, and everything was fine.. Pumped the clutch a few times and it was back to working perfect for about 3 months.. Flawless.

Then I noticed while putting it in reverse, it always felt like with the clutch in, it still was trying to move, and it was making some noise.. But only in reverse, And if I put the clutch pedal out even a little bit, it was like I was moving the pedal all the way out. Basically, I could not move slow in reverse. And it seems like this as long as I have owned the car (6 months) and the clutch is newer, but maybe PO installed it incorrectly? also the trans is rebuilt.

Now a few weeks ago every now and then when I was in stop and go traffic, it felt like once again the clutch was not fully engaging, and I would have to pop it in neutral.
And to now, headed to a friend's when I notice it acting up alot, keeps feeling like the clutch is not engaging.. And I get in the the parking lot and that's it.. I can't go into reverse, can't go into first.. Just done. So push it in a parking spot.
Fluid was not low, it was perfect. So waited till late night and drove it home. Basically could not stop as the car would die from being on gear, but was able to drive just fine while moving.. Shifting was stiff, but no biggie and even got on it, clutch did not slip. And made it home

Noticed slave moves as it should, but thought maybe it just did not have full movement? So just replaced the slave. Bled it, looks like it is working great! Hook up the battery, start it up and still acting like it is in gear with clutch halfway out... No change.

So, I check the pedal adjustment, and it is already adjusted all the way out, so can't try anything with that.
I found a DIY when someone had the same problem ( Stealth 316 - Loose Clutch Pedal Support Bracket Bolt ) where it ended up being a bolt that holds the clutch pedal assy, my bolt was very tight, so this was not the fix.
I bought a master but it looks like a total pain to replace, and I don't think that's the problem, as it bled really quick, and easy and it gets full movement, and if you hold it down, it never looses pressure etc. So dont want to waste my time with that (well unless you guys think I should?)

My next step I am thinking is its internal, has to be with the clutch assy itself, maybe bent fork (does not look bent) Pressure plate spring? Throwout bearing somehow got out of place on the fork? bolt backed out?

What are we thinking? Thanks in advance.

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Great post, to start**

The fulcrum and clip seem less probable, although you might be able to stick a scope through the fork boot to visually confirm and rule that out.

IMO, it sounds like the clutch may have not been broken-in properly beforehand (whether driving habit, pedal adjustment, and/or bleeding). It could have just been dragging excessively and fused to the FW.

My other thought is a popped spring getting wedged in the "fingers"

I have seen all of the above at some point on some 3S lol, so you can either try ruling out some or just pull it...

Clutch won't disengage << insightful thread that may help

-sent from my Galaxy Note 9
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