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So I am heading home from my grandparents house with my girl, and we came to a dead stop (because someone felt they must go 3 mph to turn into a gas station. At the same this honda civic (exhaust aluminum spoiler, usual ricer crap) hatchback pulls out of the same gas station. This kid was giving the poor car hell, so I lay into the gas hard, and try to pull on him. At first we stayed about dead even distance, then slowly I started to pull on him gradually pulling about 1/2 car length to 60. I was like wtf. Either way I felt like I should this kinda half ass win with yall.


Oh I forgot to mention I was driving my dads stock 90 Chevy Silverado with a 13' trailer of brush on the back. The brush was packed in hard, because my friend and I had to jump on the top to make it push down, yet it was still higher the the truck. To top it all off, the back of the truck was also fill to the top with compacted brush:eek: Its a sad sad world these ricers live in:(

I figured I would post it for a good laugh. :D :D

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