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Clear Tails For 94+ 3000GT

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Seen a lot of questions regarding clear/altezza style taillights.
Found this:

I personally think they look like garbage, but, to each their own.

Also found clear corners from the same people(again, I think these clears look horrible, but know, to each their own).
Here 'tis:

P.S. For anyone who has negative posts regarding this issue, keep them to yourselves. I'm just trying to help other 3000 owners. This board has been extremely helpful to me so I thought I'd return the favor.

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I got ahold of the guy who make them [email protected] via email, and I mentioned group purchases from 3SI, turns out he's never even heard of the 3SI org.:rolleyes: :confused: :eek: ...that changed my mind pretty quick:p

'97 Prl Wht 3000GT base
no res. bottle
i think Iceman does a nice job on clearingout the corner lense. i would get them done if they were in my price range or if i had a white car.
I offer smoke lenses now for all of you who would like the black look over the clear look. The actual material I use comes with the tinted look, no cheap spray paint involved. They are $80 plus $8 shipping.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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