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About 9 months ago, I swapped out the stock ECU of my 1993 vr4 with a chrome one. I set up everything via the guides posted on chromedecu, and was able to have the car properly running without issue until earlier this year, when I encountered a CEL. That being said, I'm a bit confused as to which DTC it actually is, as there seems to be a bit of a discrepancy in the instructions I've read through regarding the setup of software, though I suspect there's probably something obvious i'm missing here.

Using the setup instructions via, reading DTC's displays "Diagnostic Codes: Vehicle speed sensor (24)" in Evoscan

However, when I check the set periphery 3 in EcuFlash, vehicle speed sensor codes are turned off
As far as I understand based off of this thread on 3sgto, having this disabled should mean that the CEL for the VSS is disabled

Changing the settings in Evoscan to the ones outlined in this forum post on 3sgto however, yields an output of "P0170 Fuel Trim Malfunction" when displayed through Evoscan.
Based off of this I suspect it to be P0170 and not the previously mentioned VSS code, despite these settings not matching the ones originally outlined in the ECU setup found both on the chromedecu website as well as in the readme file provided with the Chrome-V2 files.

That being said, I've datalogged the car through Evoscan and unlike in other threads the car isn't logging any knock, idles well, doesn't stutter under load and operates pretty much perfectly outside of a seemingly common temporary hot-start idle problem, so before I go off and potentially throw money & parts at the problem I figure I'd clarify to ensure i'm not completely incapable of using Evoscan / Ecuflash.
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