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Hi, everybody

hey does anybody know where I can buy a chip
for a 1995 3000gt Sl automatic?

have not been able to find one anywhere

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there isnt any..theres a venom 400 that doesnt work
I checked out the venom 400
why do you say it doesent work?

looks like they say it works preetty damn well.. is it a

I saw in another thread, I guy was asking for what can he do to his auto 95´SL because it needed power off the line, and one guy suggested a chip.. can anybodye tell me where I can get it?
just check on the other threads..a guy was talkin about it makes it think that your car is going faster but it doesnt..same speeD:/ just a way to blow away money
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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