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My shop Auto Tecx will be hosting probably the only 3000GT/Stealth meet for the 2015 season in the coming weeks on June 13th. We've already got a handful of twin turbo cars lined up already with a combined average of 400+whp! Space is limited...I can only pack in 20 to 25 cars. Along with our 3/s platform, I have a few EVO's and other 90's Japanese supercars (400hp FD3S) also in the mix.

Plan is to chill at the shop from 5:30-6:00pm to 8ish..then head out towards downtown for a nice mass cruise and maybe stop by at a few places for some photos(Whole Foods, Soldier Field, Wacker Drive). If we can find a spot to park our cars, we can also grab some grub!

Shop is located at 1765 W. Touhy Chicago, IL 60626
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