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Check Out my new Wheels

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Well I got a hell of a deal from redredmelo on these wheels. So I'll be getting them later next week!!! I think that there gonna look sweet on my Vr4!!!!! What do you guys think??

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So that's why you wanted to see the white/white pictures...

I think it'll look amazing man! who are the SSR's going to tho?

What are those, anyway? F1 Cups powedercoated?

those rims look really nice ... what size r they?
F1 Cup Corsa, they are on sale at OZ ! $189 18x8 plus shipping each.
The SSR's are going to redredmelo, Those are white F1 Cups. They are really tough to get here in america. redredmelo was going to put them on his pearl white tt, but he sold it and got a red Vr4. So we worked out a deal and now I'm getting these and he's getting my SSR's!! :D :D They are 18x9's
Gotta love 3si!!!!!:D :D
Yeah those rims are bad ass,
How much do they weigh?:cool:
They weigh 20lbs I do believe
OT: mcvicker

where did you get your subwoofer box or who made it for you can you hook me up im in the market for one thanks ;)
It's a JL Audio Powerwedge box. It fits perfectly between the strut braces!!
thanks man you just saved me from paying someone 800 to build me one thanks:D
glad I could help!
damnit put them on i wanna see!
ditto that. nice buy matt...but i thought you were selling her?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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