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Check out my car and Vote please....

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Hey everyone please go to this site and check out my 3000GT and vote for me..... thanks..... Let me know what you think..
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I used to be in first place till all the Civic ricers voted me down with 1's and 2's.
Nice car. Gave ya a Blazin' 10.:D
I used to be in first place till all the Civic ricers voted me down with 1's and 2's.
Ouch. Little bastards must feel pretty threatened by a car that actually looks nice.

Tighe - Just voted a 9 for you. Would have gone with a ten but I am not of fan of that spoiler. Its a charp looking car.
wow, 5.7 they are being pretty harsh on u over got a 10 from me tho. good luck
a 10.....a fuckin are rising in the ranks with help from your 3si buddies:)
of couse a ten

Why would anybody give it less then a ten. Again, 10, a fucking 10. You get it tiegh. Will if you want hang out in the east stroudsberg area, let me know. Later
You got a 10 from only because it's a 3/s. Advice whether you like it or not do whatever you makes you like your car so ignore me if you don't like my advice.
First, get rid of all the different colored lights pick 1 color and stick with it.
Second, get rid of the Eclipse type gas tank thing and put the stock one back on.
Third, I don't like the glove box whatever you did to it.

Now a question what is that directly above the glove box? A/C vent?
Thanks for the votes and the feedback. Please keep voteing. The gas cap is a sparco racing cap more like a motorcycle cap then an Eclipse one. The glove box is a piece of carbon fibre from the carbon fibre dash kit. And right above the glove box is where the airbag was and now is a fiberglass panel what holds Playstion 2.
tighe, i saw your car in person at the Eurasia Concepts show, very nice and kudos to you, did you win anything? plus did anyone see the car with the snake pit in the trunk?? haha
Hey thanks, no I didn't win anything.... :( But oh well. And yes I saw the snake pit.
I gave ya a blazin' 10 too... that's a nice car no matter WHAT those riceboys say! :D
I gave you a 1 b/c to even out all the 10s here :eek: j/k 10!
Can you send me pictures or a diagram of that PS2 setup? I'm gonna due that sometime. But I'm gonna use the DVD screen I'm gonna put in if possible.


Where did you get the side view mirror ?
How much ?
Hard ato install ?

Jim :)

p.s. It's a 10
I don't have any better pics of the PS2 setup, not sure when I would be able to get more b/c I'm at school and don't have my car here. You can kinda see it in the interior pic if you click on it and make it larger. The mirrors are bomex and about $350. they are power but the wires would not hook up so they are not really power, and I have to tell you they suck to drive with the mirror is so small, and the passenger side one is useless, can't see anything but the side of the road. Not recomended if you drive your car everyday. And you have to fill the holes from where the stock mirrors were on the doors.

Blk_Gto I would like to see more pics of your car, I really like that front and the wheels. That is the bozz front right? If you don't mind me asking how much was it? Also what size are those wheels? Blitz right? Thanks
Thanks! I'm in the process of getting more pics as soon as I can scrounge up a digicam. Anyone got one I can borrow? :D Here's a link to a couple more. I'll update it when I get more.

The front end is made by Bozzspeed and the wheels are 18" Blitz 03zzzz. I didn't get any deals on the front bumper so it's the same price on the website. The only thing left that I want to get now is the veilside wing. IMO, it looks way better than the imitation ones.

I know the side mirrors suck in terms of usefullness and that's the main reason I didn't get them. :D I drive mine everyday.
Please keep voting the 3000GT is slipping in ranks... Thanks Tighe
A little busy for my taste, but hell, you get a 10 anyway. Its a nice job!
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