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check engine

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My check egine light came on. Why is that? I have an after market exhaust, is that it? Please let me know. And there is a ticking nosie coming from the trans area. Wha is the problem?
thanks adam
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Mine came on I looked under the hood and dammit if that engine still wasn't back in the car and the light was STILL on anyway.........I think it's a factory defect.
ok, now probably has EVERYTHING to do with your aftermarket exhaust. What exactly was replaced? If your cats are gone....oh yeah...that will do it. O2 sensor is biggest culprit. Nothing that that light indicates is harmful to your engine so the cheapest and most effective repair is the removal of the bulb!
OBD2 ECU ''Fooler'' - No more Check Engine light

Ticking tranny cannot be good. I remember that being one of the warning signs of a tranny ready to blow. (Recall Silverbullet's picture of the trail of tranny fluid all over the road:( ) Definitely have that checked out by your mechanic.

As for the check engine light, in a car as complicated as a 3/s, there could be a ton of different causes. If not serious, go with the "black tape over the check engine light" mod.:p
CEL = sensor reporting a voltage out of range. Most likely cause = O2 sensors.

trans noise

the noise goes away when the car is running on the road, but when it goes in idle for a few minutes, it comes back. i have a 94 twin turbo, so the trans should be good. The trans has 50k. Then again sometimes the noise is not there.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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