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Changing instrument panel lights to green

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Hi guyS!
Ever anyone got tired of the amber color of the control panels , switches ?!
I'm looking to change them to green ( Match the indiglo faces)
So anyone knows where could I get those green plastic cups to slide on the bulbs , or would it be easier just to paint them ?If that whatkind of paint ?
Thanx for the time !
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Well, don't quote me on this but I haven't tried it. A buddy of mine has done this to lightbulbs. He takes the engine enamel paint, and just light goes over the bulb. Not covered, just so that it makes a colored tint when the light is on. Plus the engine enamel is high-heat so the heat from the light won't effect it. Let me know what you come up with-
just find some of that liquid rubber shit, that when you dip things into it, it coats whatever you dipped, and then it dries.. that might work.
Where do you get that "liquid rubber shit"?
I asked around just about all the autostores ,perfomance shops , nobody had any usefull thing . Th ebest they can come up with to buy colored bulbs ( only blue and red )
Thanx guys ! I keep looking , if i find something i post it !

P.S:Anybody around Las Vegas area ?
You can get any color led from radio shack. The colors they dont have you can special order (such as the neon blue).
i tried all of that.

Heres what worked. Go to a local crafts store, and buy blue colored cellophane. i.e. blue and amber will make green.

Put the cellophane between the gauge faces, and the plastic support pods that house the gauge.

if you need some, paypal me $7.00 for shipping. paypal addy is

[email protected]
Thanxs Guys for the input!
So do those swithes have LED or regular bulbs ?
Pokey does it work with the swithes too?
Thanx again!
painted light bulbs

don't laugh but nail polish works great, it is heat resistant, and comes in all colors, i did it to a volks and it works great.
Should i use lipstick on the instrument panel to match?!:D
Just kidding Thanx i'll try !
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