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Something about a Buick Riviera vs a Skyline. One of you guys should go help them out.....or set them straight.
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Hey Randy fixed your downpipe tonight. Now dad's putting a new water pump in his, and then my car gets the downpipe fixed.
Cool.....Anything new on the ABS light? or your SRS light?
Dad gave up on fixing your ABS light, he thinks the service manual is wrong, and my SRS light just went away the day after i told you about it. long as everything works then it should not be a problem. I was just wondering if it was ETACS related. Did you try the thing with the windows?
Yeah...I was wondering if the ETACS stuff worked. I read that the things can be related. The windows are supposed to roll down when the car is off. Thought that would be a good way to test it.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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