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car "shudders"

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About a month ago my car started to shudder when I pressed on the gas peddel. In first and second when I press hard on the gas pedel it won't shudder but when I shift into 3rd and the rpms move down to 3000-3500 and I press on the gas hard the car starts to shake! And when it shakes the rmps stay the same even though my foot is all the way on the gas....and then when the car stops "shaking" it just speeds up like it should. It'll also do this in 4th and 5th. Its only when I put the gas down more then half way (I mean like not slowly putting it to halfway i mean like when your trying to accelerate hard and you just put it halfway right away) in third, fourth and fifth gear. I have a 94 base 3000GT. I hope I explained it good enough. So after this started to happen I took it to valveline and got the fuel injectors cleaned...this didn't I think it might be the wires or spark plugs???? Sorry for this being so long but I would really appreiate any input....its so damn annoying when it does this. Also I was thinking of putting on a Pilot motorsports muffler with custom piping...would this sound good?? Thanks for the help!!!
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Im guessing you have a manual? If you had the clutch replaced resently, it seems like from what your describing...they didnt turn the fly wheel (machine it) It could also be your clutch is going out as it is staring in higher gears, it it will soon owrk down untill you cvant move the beast anymore....i highly doubt it has anything to do with the fuel system, it seems like the clutch is having problems getting the power to the wheels

so to get this fixed you think i should go to my mechanic and ask him to machine the flywheel? Or smooth it out? Any other suggestions? I do have a manual by the way. Thanks a lot for the input!!!
I'm having the same problem in my 93 ES.

I'm thinking it's more fuel related.. i.e., clogged injectors or something of that nature.
Mine too... maybe

I have a similar problem, a pulsing type vibration that you feel in the seat, not really in the steering wheel... feels like driveline/tranny. I've been trying to diagnose it forever. Sometimes it's better, others worse. What I have noticed is that it is MOST apparent in 2nd and 4th (I have no idea if it is my imagination or what), and it happens at about half throttle - when the STOCK boost gauge nears 0... as the boost gauge gets away from 0 (either positive or negative), it gets better. Sometimes, like in 2nd, it happens at normal cruising throttle, not under acceleration. It is most apparent on hills... fuel system cleaner had no effect. Anyone have any comments?


Also, anyone know a good mechanic in the Spokane, WA area that could diagnose this for me without the standard BS?
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mine isn't drivetrain related.. only when I step on the gas, at low RPM's.. it sputters.. thats why I think it's fuel related.
i have the same problem (auto tranny/in base sohc). im almost positive its the spark plugs because when i start the car, it doesnt "fire up" all the way...(can tell from sound)... and when the car is in 1st from slowing down theres a rough idle and seems like the car is having trouble staying on (it gets really quiet).

well I finally took the car to my mechanic and I replaced all the spark plugs with the stock NGK ones and put new spark plug wires in also. The car works excellent!!!....NO MORE SHUDDERING!!! (sp?)
hope i get the same results! that gives me some hope. :D
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